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Piano Keyboard Brand

BRAND NEW yamaha psr-2100 electronic digital keyboard/piano professional with free adapter

Technical Details

* Keyboard 61 Standard Keys (C1-C6) with Touch
* capable of Lyric and Score display
* Display Large multi-function 320 x 240 backlit LCD
* Voices Total Number 818 GM (General MIDI) & XG Compatible
* Piano Voice Quality Live! Stereo (Hi-resolution sample)

Product Description

Sweet Voices Flute,Clarinet, Trumpet,Trombone,Tenor,Sax,Mandolin, Harmonica,Horn,Violin,Oboe Cool Voices Piano,Jazz Guitar,Piano,Harpsichord,Harpsichord,Nylon Guitar,Strings, Allegro Strings, Orchestra,Hyper Pop &Octave Brass,Gospel Split/Layer Left, Right 1, Right 2 Drum Kits 16 Polyphony 64 note max. Sound Creator Yes Auto Accompaniment Styles 197 Fill-in x 4 Control Accompaniment on/off, Break, Intro, Main A/B/C/D, Ending/Rit., Auto Fill In, OTS Link, Sync Stop, Sync Start, Start/Stop One Touch Setting 4 per style Registration Memory 8 Buttons, Unlimited Banks. Song Compatibility General MIDI (SMF 0,1) with Lyrics, XG, KAR, XF, Scorch, Tune 1000® Lyric/Score Yes/Yes Record modes Quick, Multi, Step, Song Edit Record Channels 16 Playback Channels 16 On-board, 32 via USB Media Storage 1524KB Flash Memory, Floppy Disk Drive Types of Data Song (SMF), Style (SFF), Registration and Voice Digital Effects Reverb: 29 Preset + 3 User types Chorus: 25 Preset + 3 User types DSP: 164 Preset + 3 USER DSP2, 3, 4: 88 Preset + 3 User Effect Blocks: 1 Reverb, 1 Chorus, 4 DSP, 1 Microphone Multi Pad 4 Pads x 54 Banks Other Controls Temp (5-500 bpm), Tap Tempo, Metronome, Registration Freeze, Demo, Direct Access, Master Vol., Fade In/Out, Transpose, Tuning, Touch Response Scale Tuning Equal Temperament, Pure Major, Pure Minor, Pythagorean, Mean-Tone, Werckmeister/Kimberger, Arabic 1,2 Auxiliary Jacks DC In, Phones, MIDI In/Out, USB, Foot Pedal 1 (Switch), Foot Pedal 2, Aux. Out L/R (RCA ® Jacks) fixed, L/R Out (L/L + R), MIC/Line Input with Volume Pedal Functions Volume, Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Glide, Portamento, Pitchbend, Modulation, DSP Variation, Song Start/Stop, Style Start/Stop etc. Amplifier 12W + 12W Speakers 12cm x 2 + 4 cm x 2 Rated Voltage DC 16V (Power Supply PA-300 Included) Dimensions (W x D x H) 38-5/16″ x 15-11/16″ x 6-5/16″ (973 x 399 x 161 mm) Weight 23.2 lbs. (10.5 Kg)