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Online Piano Keyboard Record

Digital Pianos and Keyboards frequently have many switch buttons and lights in addition to the normal 88 black and white keys. Thankfully most instruments are ready to play when first turned on. Traditional acoustical pianos are much simpler – no electronics, buttons, switches, flashing lights, etc.

Some knowledge of the instrument, either piano or keyboard, including proper seating, hands and body positions, and of course, how to make it go are all important. The instrument’s historical development details you can learn later if desired.

There is a lot of musical theory that is helpful to learn before touching the keys. The keyboard layout and the note pitches (sounds) have relationships that our brains can easily learn. Don’t be concerned – it is simple. Even if you want to play piano by ear and skip learning the printed music, it is still beneficial to understand the fundamentals of reading printed music.

As you learn to read music, you will learn what and where a given note is, both on the keyboard and on the printed music. Actually, one of the most important basic skills is learning the note’s names and locations. It is very simple to learn where they are on the piano. However, being able to name the printed notes instantly is NOT as simple because of the bass and treble clefs. The design and naming of the notes on the printed music has evolved over time along with the design and construction of the instrument.

Probably the trickiest part is learning the naming conventions for the printed music. There are two things called clefs inside something called a grand staff. The note names are offset – that is – different depending on which clef (treble – the upper one, or bass – the lower one.) Once you get it – you will be fine, no problem.

In the beginning, this can slow you down, especially if your already comfortable, that is knowledgeable or experienced in just the treble clef. Anyone learning to read music for the first time should be able to assimilate this with very little difficulty. This is one of the reasons that children learn easily. Having no previous experience allows them to simply learn whatever it is the right way the first time.
Several excellent courses are available on line to teach you enough to start enjoying your piano. Details, reviews and recommendations about courses to teach you to play the piano are readily available on the Internet.