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Electric Keyboard Piano

Roll-Up Electric Piano

Product Features

* Piano Roll-up CJ is the resident musician at A. S. & S., and he can play this roll-up keyboard to a fare-thee-well.” It sounds great,” he says, “and it doesn’t get any more portable than this.”
* About nine steps beyond nifty, this extremely cool electronic keyboard unrolls to 25-1/4″ long x 5-1/4″ but the 1/8″-thick rubber-membrane keyboard rolls up around the sound module to become the exact size of healthy ham and cheese sandwich.
* It has (26) different tones, (99) rhythms, (10) demo songs, a (3) octave range and it runs on (3) “AAA” batteries that we’ve included. The business end has volume, power, function, start and stop controls, a built-in 1-3/4″ speaker, headphone output and jacks for a 6VDC 300mA adapter 3.
* 5mm plug (not included) And if you let the cat play on it, we bet you’ll get Phillip Glass tunes.