Monthly Archive for October, 2009

Piano Keyboards

The very vital interface between the musician or the composer and his computer is the music keyboard or the piano keyboard. This is considered as the important one for everyone to possess the correct feel and the correct features.

The MIDI controller keyboard is called as the music keyboard. It contains a USB port that can be connected to the computer. Very often it comes with various kinds of sliders and knobs and does not have any sound internally. It is a well known fact that the musical sounds of any type like synthesize or sample will become outdated very quickly when compared to the hardware for the music. When the keyboard is separated from the sound, full value can be obtained from the keyboard’s life. The old version of the piano keyboard can be seen now also in the studios. But the question is the use of the same by the players.

It is purely a person thing for a person to purchase the piano keyboard. The options for purchase of the same differ from person to person in terms of feel, feature requirement, look and the budget. It is always advised to try the piano keyboard that is intended for purchase before finalizing the deal.

Some of the MIDI controller keyboards consist of 88 key monsters with the keys that are heavy. They are designed in this way to get the feel of the original piano. Even though this kind of piano is heavy and also consumes more space, the piano and the electric piano pieces are very real when played. The other piano keyboards are very small and contain 61 keys or less than that and also weigh less with the plastic keys. They are also very portable and is very light and thus is suitable the lead melodies, pad and the bass lines.