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Digital Keyboard Piano – Advantages and Disadvantages

Before finalizing purchase of a keyboard piano, it is always better for a person to analyze about the advantages and the disadvantages of the various types of piano keyboards. The piano keyboards are available in 4 types. They are electronic or synthesizer, acoustic piano, organ piano and digital piano.

The digital keyboard piano has 76-88 keys and the rate is high when compared to all the other three types. The digital keyboard piano will be ideal for the apartments and also for the families and the young adults who are mobile. This is mainly due to its less weight which is around 100 lbs. The high end model will generally produce sound like an acoustic piano and there is no necessity for tuning the same. These keyboards also provide various types of interesting and funny sounds and also different patterns of rhythm like the electronic keyboard.

The main disadvantage of this digital keyboard piano is that the burning out of the electronics parts very eventually. The repairing of this task will also eat considerable time. The parts that require replacement need to be ordered and installation has to be carried out which consumer more days or months. Even though these digital keyboard pianos are very efficient, it is not that attractive like a solid wood piano.

Hence, it is very vital to check the portability, accommodation and affordability before initialization and purchase finalization of a piano. The digital keyboard pianos are very small in size and thus can be accommodated in all the places and can also be transported very easily. They have the features like recording on the fly, volume control, electronic metronome, music mixing and customization of the voice. The music can also be ported to the computer which is an additional benefit of the digital keyboard piano.