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Piano Keyboard Comparison – Acoustic versus Digital

There are pros and cons in the case of both acoustic piano and digital piano. The merits have to weighed before buying a piano. The affordability, portability, accommodation and many other factors require consideration.

The price of an acoustic piano is too high to buy for many people. The price of even the cheapest instrument will be more than a good digital piano. Buying such a cheap piano may have tuning problems and poor sound quality. The mechanism which is very complex may not be up to the mark and may give frequent problems. Not only the initial maintenance expenses will be more but also the instrument may require frequent repairs which may be expensive. Due its bulk size and weight, the acoustic piano cannot be accommodated in small apartments and it cannot be easily transported whenever required. In the case of multi–storeyed apartments there may be a ban for many and hazardous for the buildings. Acoustic pianos do not have many features available in the modern digital pianos.

Digital pianos are smaller in size and it is easy to accommodate them in any place and also to transport them. They have volume control, on-the-fly recording, voice customization, electronic metronome and music mixing features. The additional benefits are porting your music to your pc.

Even though the sound of both types of pianos will be similar for casual hearing, the sound of acoustic piano is definitely superior if you listen minutely. But in view of many other advantages and features available, it is better to go in for a digital piano.