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Keyboard Piano – Roll Up Keyboard With Four Octaves

The four Octave Roll Up keyboard is the portable keyboard that you can carry anywhere you go and play on the move. It can be stashed in a small hand bag easily. There are 49keys and you can use 10keys at a time. You can connect his portable electric keyboard to an amplifier or a headphone. The instrument is sleek and stylist.

The features of the Roll up keyboard are as follows: it is portable lightweight electronic keyboard and has 10 rhythm keys, 8 drum keys, 1 key / 1 note mode, 2 chord keys, demo mode, lesson mode, record mode, tempo control mode, volume control mode, start / stop button, 2 tone keys, replay key, rhythm mode, drum mode. In drum selection, it is powered by 3AAA batteries of AC Adaptor.

The electronic Piano has 49soft number keys which covers a four octave range from C3 to C6. The keys are attached to a flexible neoprene pad allowing the keyboard to easily roll up into a compact cylinder. There is an attached control panel with features, like stereo speaker, volume control and a jack for connecting the head phone or amplifier.

It is programmed with 100different notes and rythms for a variety of instrumental music sounds and tempos. The keyboard can record and replay your performances upto 52notes in length. You can plug in and play the keyboard and it helps you to learn record, add percussion and email music to relatives and friends. It costs just Euro 20.

These are the salient features of the Roll up Piano. There will be novolacity sensitivity, no after touch, no bender level and no pedals.